Sunday, April 10, 2016

Morality and Politics

I enjoy the political process. Any movie or documentary about the White House really interest me. As I get older I seem to want to learn more about all branches of government. I have come to one conclusion with the whole thing. The worst part about politics is the fact that it includes politicians. We all know there is no perfect politician. Many make promises they never keep. Many have very poor character. Some are certainly better than others. It is very likely none will line up 100% with everything we agree with. So what is a person to do? How should we vote? What issues deserve priority?

Many are disgusted with this political season. It is everywhere you look. We see it plastered on social media, on our TV, yard signs, bumper stickers, and billboards. A lot of people have had more than enough. I'm sure many would wish it away if possible. Sure, we have responsibilities as citizens. Everyone that is eligible should vote. So again, how should we vote?

I am a Christian. Politicians have been using the word "Christian" very loosely. Some believe Christian are the leftover category, meaning anyone not Catholic, Muslim, Jewish, ect. This is not completely true. A Christian is a person who has a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. This is someone who put their faith in the fact that Jesus died on the cross for theirs sins and asked Him to come into their life and save them from eternity in hell. Anyone who has not done exactly that are not  Christians. This does not make me smarter or better than anyone else. It makes me forgiven. It is not even something I deserve or something I could earn. This is what the Bible says and this is what I believe. Fortunately the bible says much more. It teaches me right from wrong. It is an instruction book which teaches me how I should live my life. It speaks a lot about righteousness and truth. I know that right is always right. Seems  like a simple phrase, but it is lost with many Christians today.

So to answer the question, which most already know deep in their heart, how should I vote? Well, we should prioritize who gets our support by who lines up most with Bible truth and principles. Again, there are no perfect politicians, especially in this election upcoming. I personally have been very disappointed with many Christians putting issues like the economy and immigration ahead of abortion and the family. It is shameful. I don't care if a politician promises to make America great again or if they pretend to be a reincarnation of Ronald Reagan, judge them by God's Word. This should be a Christians measuring stick. Whoever measures the closest deserves a believers vote. God should be involved in the entirety of our life. Even in the voting booth.I'm done with Christians wanting to put the Lord on a shelf and pull him down when it is convienent. Doing what's right is not always comfortable. Doing what's right is not always popular. Doing what's right is always right. Righteousness exalteth a nation: but sin is a reproach to any people.