Saturday, February 16, 2013


In America we definitely know how to consume. Just look at the current obesity rate and rise in health related problems. The demand is evident by the supply. I heard there is over 200 McDonalds in Manhattan alone. The fast food industry is held accountable for our health issues just like big tobacco causes cancer. In reality, our problems can be traced to a series of poor decisions. We generally want to find someone or something to blame for our problem instead of holding ourselves accountable. As if someone owes us something.  I hope to teach my children a different mindset. Our kids will not learn from the world's example. You reap what you sow is as true today as ever.

Nutrition has become important recently in our home. We realized we want to be healthy and be here for our grand kids. Therefore, we have taken steps to change our lifestyle when it comes to food. Quick fix diets have never panned out. We realized we need to add the good and we have eventually had less desire for the bad.  As our church studies stewardship this month, I realize, that how we take care of our body should be part of that thought. After all we are His. We manage the body he has given us. If we don't take care of ourselves it is no different than mismanagement of our money. Christians often want to look past this.

So what about consumption of spiritual things? We are to feed on the word of God and focus on what has eternal value. The reading, teaching, and preaching of the Bible. To include a proper prayer life among other ways of taking in what God has for us. The next question is, what does a Christian do with this consumption? I had a conversation the other day about many church members being consumers only. We discussed how 20% of the body of Christ does 80%  of the work. Many look at "the church" as just a building where you go to get fed spiritually. The church is the people and should extend outside of the walls. While we all need fed, that should only be the beginning. There is so much work to be done for Christ. Imagine the impact if our churches had an abundance of servants. What if all the hearers became doers?