Saturday, October 27, 2012

Provision vs. Stewardship

God has always provided in abundance for my family. We don't always have all we want, yet our needs are met daily. We certainly have more than we deserve on earth and waiting in heaven. That truth is easy to lose sight of if we are to focused on things of this world. Our instruction is to be in the world, but not of the world. If our vision is eternal, the joy of the Christian should be full.

Salvation starts with faith in the evidence of things not seen. Unfortunately, for many Christians that is the high point of their faith in God. Many of us don't "leave it with God". We want to do things in our own power. Consider how ridiculous this is. We have the power of a Holy God dwelling in us and we choose to not harness that power. That is like riding a skateboard from New York to LA when you could fly on a jet.

So where does stewardship fit in? Can't we just ask God to answer our prayers and leave it at that? The Bible tells us to manage our time, treasure, talent, and testimony wisely. Therefore, we need to ask for God's favor and work hard at the same time. God's Word it truth entirely. We often want to take part of the Bible and dismiss other parts. I think it always comes back to faith. He wants us to ask and be confident that He can answer our request. We show our faith through obedience. If I ask God for a more dependable vehicle and fail to take care of the one I have than I am not being a good manager of what He has trusted and supplied me with. It is also about contentment. Obviously, if we can't be happy where we are, new things will not achieve this. God is concerned with our attitude. He looks on the inside.

I recently heard a great message about why God doesn't answer prayers from some people. If we hold on to one sin it keeps His favor from us. He is merciful and loves us, but a Holy God hates sin. He cannot tolerate sin. We are all sinners and as long as we are on this earth we will continue to sin. The key is what we do about our sin. Do we continue in our disobedience? Do we hold on to our one pet sin? Or do we ask for forgiveness and turn from the sin?

I know our Lord provides, because I have seen it over and over again. I also realize we are to be accountable for our actions. We are to do everything heartily. We should work hard and be responsible in all areas of our life. Some Christians are constantly miserable by choice. We know there will be storms. There is no guarantee of an easy life, but in my opinion, if a believer is miserable everyday than they are not right with God. We often want God to hear us, however we aren't always willing to do our part. He is able. He is willing. Let us live a life of obedience, accountability, and expectation. I know my God is ready to pour His blessings on us.