Thursday, August 9, 2012

Gold Medal Memories

My family has really enjoyed the Olympic Games. It has been another opportunity to spend time together. My boys continue to perform their own version of volleyball and basketball in the living room. My son Christian has been wearing his plastic gold medal all week and makes us all chant "USA USA"  as he competes with his brother. It has been a blessing to see my children enjoy the games just as I did as a child.

This summer, as a whole, has been a lot of fun for us. Time has flown by with our busy schedule and we have made the most of the long days. It is interesting that we have not went on any big trips this summer-no amusement parks-yet our days have been filled with excitement. The little things have made our summer. Whether its a movie projected on the back of the house or Sunday lunch at our favorite restaurant, our time together is always precious.

Every day has not been perfect. The kids often fight and sometimes, as parents, we don't handle every situation with patience. Despite our flaws, God continues to bless and honor our commitment. Not that we deserve it, only because He loves us. I am looking forward to making some more Gold Medal memories before the summer ends.