Saturday, June 3, 2017

Loving Them To Hell

This year our City Council chose to table a LGBT ordinance which, at least temporarily, stopped the proposed law. Many refer to it as the NDO or the non discrimination ordinance. The NDO stated there could be no discrimination against anyone from the LGBT community in housing, employment, public accommodations, ect. This ordinance also included other groups which are already protected by law such as minorities and those with disabilities. Cleverly, veterans were in the mix as well because no one wants to discriminate against our troops. Make no mistake, the NDO was all about LGBT.

As you can imagine, that first city council meeting was packed beyond capacity. The leader of Fairness WV was one of the first to speak. He gave a big spill about equality and the positive economic effects of passing the NDO. He claimed Fortune 500 companies have these types of policies and would likely not come to our community if we did not. He also claimed it was a good way to attract the best and brightest workers to our area. It sounded like a rinse and repeat political speech that I thought he must  have spoke at the 10 other WV cities where the NDO passed. This issue had my interest for many reasons. I have likely researched this statewide as much as anyone. I was able to conclude a couple of things quickly. First, there seems to be no economic boost in the other 10 cities. No Fortune 500 company rushed to any of these 10 "inclusive" WV cities to set up headquarters. Secondly, I have found zero evidence that supports being part of the LGBT community alone makes someone smarter or harder working.

As the night continued we heard from supporters on both sides of the issue. The majority of citizens present were against it. Those in support of the NDO often used words like hate, tolerance, fairness, and equality. Many communicated that Christians were hypocrites if they didn't show love by supporting the NDO. My opinion is quite the opposite. I can and should love everyone. Their is a big difference between loving someone and supporting the things they do. I have a niece who is an addict. I love her with all my heart, but I hate she does drugs. The NDO defines gender identity as ones sense of self. This means someone can choose to be a boy today and a girl tomorrow. I do not see that as the same as a race, veteran, disability group, ect. My view is that if someone is born a male, they are a male. If I woke up today and said I identify as Lebron James, I would not actually be Lebron James. No one would owe me the life of Lebron James.

My Bible teaches me about truth and righteousness . If I love someone I will not agree with what they are doing if I believe it not be right according to Gods word. Right is always right. I'm saddened that many Christians and churches have supported the LGBT movement in the name of love and acceptance. You are wrong. You are not showing them truth. You are opening the gates of hell for them. If you love someone then actually love them by not camouflaging truth. The truth isn't always modern. It's not always comfortable. At the end of the day, support of the NDO is eternally damaging to many.

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